Frequency standards

A nice homemade project was to build a TV-frequency-normal from DK6RX . It is easy to build and
works very fine. Now I can control my TX-QRG with an accuracy of better than 1 Hz.

Because of changing the TV to digital transmissions I try to build a simple frequency-normal that is
controlled by a GPS-receiver.I followed the concept of Brooks Shera, W5OJM in
"A GPS-Based Frequency Standard" (QST July 1998).

I changed the counting-chips, changed the counting-frequency to 100 MHz and changed the PIC into
a PIC18F4620. I try to write my own firmware for the PIC and I found, this is not easy, hi.

The pcb constructed with EAGLE is ready. This is the result:


For CW I am using a CMOS-superkeyer III from Idiom Press, I think, it is one of the best
keyer-electronics available as a kit.